I spent most of free time over the last few days adding a gallery to the blog. For this I selected Awsom Pix Gallery because it seemd to be the simplest and least invasive. I like the built in wordpress image library, but unfortunately it doesn’t provide for a gallery of all images viewable by readers.

Installation was easy, too easy it turned out, but I had some trouble getting the paths to work. The developer was extremly patient in providing support via e mail, and we figured out that Akismet Anti Spam was causing the problems.

As it turns out Akismet Anti Spam not only messed up the path, it FOOBARed the entire installation. It even prevented the database table creation. After turning it off and then uninstalling and reinstalling Awsom Pix Gallery everything worked great. I turned Akismet Anti Spam back on AFTER installing Awsom Pix Gallery and it doesn’t seem to be conflicting now.

In the future I will deactivate Akismet Anti Spam before installing any new plug in’s.

To view the gallery of images I have posted in the blog click here, or click on the gallery link at the top of the screen.

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