Well I finally got to see the first episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead. And then the new episode. So here are my thoughts. Warning, if you have not seen the first two episodes yet this post may contain spoilers.

OK, this post and any that follow may contain spoilers if you have not seen the episodes yet. So if you don’t want to know stop reading now.

Quote from: jayphailey on October 19, 2011, 08:23:58 PM
Hey, Crim, did you see the season premiere? What did you think?

I don’t think I’ll get to see it for a bit.

You can watch it free on AMC’s website

Combining the two episodes thus far. Pretty good. The story is good. It has good production values for low budget TV, and there is lots of good human stuff. I don’t watch this stuff to be scared, or for the zombies. I watch this stuff because I have a deep interest in what humans do in extreme situations. Walking Dead has a lot of that.

A lot of it never happened in the comic. I need to reread the comics again to stay clear on the differences. Of course these people are still idiots and they have not tightened up their operation at all. I know they are doing the whole ‘there is no zombie mythos in this world’ thing, but you’d think they would learn from their mistakes.

Daryl is my favorite character. He knows what he is doing. He thinks ahead. He has skills, gear, a wide range of experience, and mentions needing a plan a couple of times. Andrea is my second favorite character for standing up for herself and clearly explaining why helping someone isn’t always really helping them.

I’m pissed at Dale and Shane. Taking Andrea’s gun away was wrong. The bullshit excuse about “I have training” pissed me off a lot. As an OCer I have heard that crap from cops before. When I had my little Home Depot run in I asked the cop standing with me what he was carrying and he had to bend over sideways and look to see what it was. Most police departments require 18-51 rounds (empty the gun and 2 reloads) a year to qualify and that is all the majority of cops shoot. 200 rounds is a short range trip to me, and I damn well know what is on my hip. So that whole ‘we’re better because we’ve been trained’ thing is extremely annoying.

The gun was given to her by her father and it’s sentimental value cannot be overstated. It’s her private property and taking it for any reason is wrong.

Trying to protect Andrea from herself was wrong. It was her decision, and she covered it pretty well in her tirade at Dale. Violating someone’s natural rights to protect them is still wrong, and once you start doing that you can use protecting people to justify all kinds of wicked shit.

I would have chopped Dale with a machete if he didn’t give me my gun. I like to think I’m a nice guy. I like to think I’m understanding, forgiving, and compassionate. But someone would have died over this if I’d have been in her place.

As usual I think a supressed .22 would solve about 80% of their problems. Being more organized and having a plan would cover most of the rest. Of course we know that, in the comics anyway, that doesn’t even begin to happen for a long time.

I snerked at Gerber sneaking in their produt placement. When I caught the second half of the first episode I was thinking “What, is every sharp object in this a Gerber? They must have gotten a sponsor.” Then when I watched the first half of the episode online the product placement is clear.

The medical terminology is appallingly bad. They need a consultant for medical stuff. If they already have one, he is an idiot. Please don’t ever use the words ‘respirator’ or ‘endo tracheal intubator’ in public. The words you are looking for are Ventilator and Laryngoscope.

Still like it. Still will follow it as much as I can. Still looking forward to the next episode.

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