Haven’t gotten part 2 written up yet, and we have another game this Sunday. But here is part 1.

The party interrogates the captured rustlers. Most of them tell them nothing. Some make threats. Some insult the PCs. 1 breaks. His name is Sam. He tells the party that the leader of this band of rustlers was named Phil, and he reported to a man named Aurelio. When they had a couple hundred head of cattle they would drive them out to a prearranged meeting place where Aurelio and his men would be waiting. Aurelio’s men would all have bandanas over their faces. The cattle would be handed off and Aurelio’s men would drive them away with no real contact between the groups.

At these meetings Aurelio would pay Phil for the last batch of cattle. Phil would split the money with his men, and they would break up for a couple of days to have fun, drink, whore, etc before meeting back at the box canyon to resume rustling. But they had not made a delivery in a while because Aurelio had gotten another job working for some kind of “agent”. They have built up almost 500 cattle belonging to 6 or 7 different area ranchers. The remaining rustlers make it clear that they will kill Sam at the first oppurtunity.

Charlie guards the prisoners enthusiasticly looking for any excuse to shoot them. Bob has been his friend for a long time, and he is not happy about Bob being in mortal danger. The doctor stays by Bob’s side. The rest of the party explores the buildings in the canyon. They find a few wanted posters for some of the rustlers. Bob develops a fever. The old prospector makes up a bunch of food for everyone, but Emma and Hanna are suspicious and do not eat. Charlie also does not eat. Bob is unconcious and cannot eat.

The PCs decide to board up building 1 to use as makeshift jail. Sam is made to promise that he will not try to escape, and is allowed to stay out so he won’t be killed. Charlie places a chair in the middle of the open are facing the door to building 1 and sits there with his Henry rifle on his lap. Bodies are piled in building 3 and dusted with something to keep them from gettin too nasty.

Bob’s fever breaks. The party takes a look at the mine. It has two large metal doors hinged into the rock. They won’t open. Owen kicks the doors as hard as he can and breaks his foot. The doctor fixes him up.

The party has a problem. They have 12 captives, 18 bodies, +/- 500 cattle that need to go 6 or 7 different places, a bunch of horses, a ton of guns and gear, a seriously wounded man who cannot be moved, a crazy miner, and 3 possible places to take this 3 ring circus. Hope, and Fort Hope are closer than Juan’s place. Juan is paying in $50 gold pieces. The civil authorities in Hope will redeem the bounties, but probably not help with the transport. The party has 4 people to pull this off, and do not want to leave the doctor and an unconcious Bob alone with the miner. The bodies are gettign ripe.

Owen comes up with a plan. He and Emma will ride to Fort Hope and get the army. That will give them enough people and guns to pull off the transport. Juan can come to the Fort to confirm that they have done their job and get his cattle. The other ranchers can come to Fort Hope to get their cattle. Owen and Emma leave immediatly and ride as fast as they can.

They camp shortly after dark somewhere on the plains. Owen doesn’t feel particularly well. He is tired and slightly nauseous. Back in the canyon Patrick is also tired and nauseous. He vomits, and feels very light headed. He manages to call for the doctor before passing out. The doctor comes running with her rifle and finds him on the ground. Charlie runs up and tells her half of the prisoners are dead. A shot rings out and Charlie falls to the ground unconcious.

Hanna sees the miner dancing madly in the moonlight and chanting “I shot the Chinaman!” and shouting about his gold over and over again. Hanna opens fire on him, raining death on bushes, rocks, the ground, the canyon walls, the sky, and trees that did not move fast enough. The miner returns fire. Hanna is wounded in the arm. Patrick and Charlie fight to regain conciousness. Charlie manages to rouse himself enough to get a shot off at the miner from between Hannas legs before lapsing into unconciousness again. Hanna jumps, and pees. The miner contiues firing at her, and one of his Colt Patterson revolvers explodes in his hand. “Which was failing common to that model.” (Name the movie that quote is from for extra points).

Hanna wounds the miner again, and he runs off toward the stable shouting about “The muskets are on Old Bessie!” He collapses from his wounds before he gets to Old Bessie. Hanna leaves the miner to bleed and begins work on Charlie and Patrick. Charlie is easy, but he will remain unconcious for a while. Patrick takes a little more work. She concludes that he has been poisoned. Analyzing Patrick’s symptoms she concludes that it is a poison made form local plants. The miner must have poisoned the food he made earlier. She sets about concocting an antidote.

Hanna administers the antidote to Patrick, but remembers that Owen also ate the food. She grabs a horse and rides madly out alone into the Kansas night getting herself thoroughly lost in the wilderness. After riding headlong through the darkness for a few hours with no idea where she is or where she is going the doctor suddenly finds herself surrounded by Native Americans. One grabs her reins and slows her horse. He speaks a little English. He introduces himself as Crazy Coyote, and his friends are Cross Otter (Name the movie with a Native American named Cross Otter for extra points), and Little Pony who she has met before. They guide her to her friends.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Owen really hasn’t felt good for a while. He’s been queesy and nauseous for hours. He finally succumbs and starts vomitting just before the doctor arrives. That inspires a round of reciprocal vommiting from Emma. The doctor arrives and administers the antidote. Owen, and Patrick will sleep through the night, but should survive.

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