Earlier in the week (Wednesday 7/6/2011) I ordered a set of Lee 7.62x25mm Tokarev reloading dies, a Lee 7.62×25 Tokarev Factory Crimp Die, and some more quick change bushings. They arrived today, Saturday 7/9/2011. I still need brass and bullets.

One of the benefits of the 7.62×25 round is that brass can be made by cutting down .223/5.56 brass. That is the ammunition used by the AR family of rifles and is common as hell in the U.S. So picking up abandoned brass at the range and cutting it down is a good possibility. The bullet is a .308-.309 .30 caliber round, although people have also loaded it using .311-.312 .32 caliber bullets. Those are fairly common as well. So even if it is a while before I can order caliber specific brass and bullets, I can still load it using commonly available brass and bullets.

Of course this also means that after a disaster I can continue to load for the Yugoslav M-57 Tokarev by modifying common brass and using common bullets.

I orderd the dies from www.midwayusa.com. I ordered on Wednesday and they arrived Saturday. That’s really fast shipping.