Our oldest cat, Tangerine, passed away due to heart failure on June 7th, 2011. I haven’t really felt up to talking about. That’s why I put it off until now. She was about 12 years old, and was a stray we got from the pound back in 1999 in San Antonio. She was the first cat my wife and I got together.

Tnagerine was a mixed tabby, and we think she had some Maine Coon and Norwegian Forrest cat in her. We named her Tangerine because of a tangerine colored diaganal strip that went from between her ears down towards her nose. She loved attention and when we got JJ and Star she took over playing momma cat to both of them.

She was sort of my cat, in that she preferred my attention, whereas Boo Boo preferred my wife’s attention. We lost Boo Boo in February of 2008 after a 2 year battle with mega colon. Now we just have JJ and Star.

We will miss Tangerine. We still miss Boo Boo. But we have a lot of pictures to remind us of the love between us.