According to a report in the Dallas News Texas is on the verge of forcing businesses to allow firearms on their private property. Florida and several other states already do this. A number of others aremoving towards it. You probably think I’m in favor of this, right?

Well, I’m not. I’m all in favor of people being armed. I’m all in favor of the removal of every GOVERNMENT obstacle to being armed. But this is about private property. This is about your right, and my right to excercise control over our own property. See, businesses and corporations are not faceless entitities. Legally, they are a “person”. And whatever can be done to them can also be done to persons like you and me.

The gist of the situation is this. You own a gun, and you want to carry it for self defense, and you are legally able to do so. But your employer prohibits weapons on their premises. This not only covers the buildings and workplace proper, but also includes the parking lot. So now you have a choice. Violate your employers policy and risk termination if caught, or leave your gun at home and be defenseless on the way too and from work. And what if you need to pick up some groceries on the way home or something? Well, you’ll have to be defenseless there too because you could not leave your gun in your car in the parking lot at work. It’s at home, and will stay there until you arrive back home.

Nobody is talking about bringing a gun into the workplace, just leaving it in your locked car. To top it off, your employer will not be legally responisble if you are raped or murdered in their parking lot. They are not responisble if you are raped or murdered at the gas station on the way to or from work. They are not responisble, but they can prevent you from having the means of self defense.

So why am I against requiring them to allow guns in the parking lot? Because it is one more instance of government sticking it’s nose into someone’s business and mandating what they have to do. Because you don’t have rights on another persons private property except to leave, and for them not to harm you. Because you do not have a right to a job. Having a job, especially a particular job, is a choice. You made it. Remember that handbook you read and signed when you got hired? All of their rules were in there. If you didn’t like their rules you shouldn’t have taken the job. If you don’t like their rules now then find another job.

You do have other options than useing the force of government to violate someone elses property rights. You can park off of the company property. You can carry other devices for self defense such as pepper spray, stun guns, etc. You can find another job. You can stick your neck out and advocate for a change in the companies policy. Well, no one ever wants to do that. Why should someone risk making themselves a known trouble maker when they can get government to brow beat their employer for them? And that is the biggest problem faceing us today. No one wants to stand the fuck up and do something themselves.

To me, the ideal would be a sufficient shift in culture to cause employers to alter their policies on their own to allow guns in the parking lot, if not in the actual work place. But having the government step in and command it is wrong. I know I’m going to take flak from other gun people for this. I already have taken lots of flak on a number of forums and mailing lists, as we’ve been discussing thngs like this for a long time. But right is right. It’s easy to support what is right when it’s in your favor. It’s harder to support what is right when it goes against an end result you would like to see, or makes your life more difficult. But is in this issue that we see who the true advocates of liberty are, and who is happy to have liberty trampled as long it is for something they want.