Yesterday was my first day off after and 8 night stretch between two jobs.  Actually it was my only day off.  Now I have 4 more nights before my next day off.  Oh, well, I have to take the shifts while they are available because most of April the agency didn’t have anything that matched my availability.

I’ve gotten back to playing Red Dead Redemtpion Undead Nightmare for about an hour or so each morning before bed.  I’ve been going for 100% completion, but I just couldn’t seem to finish up the last few tasks.  Yesterday morning I finally did.  I got the last horse of the apocalypse, killed the chupacabra, broke the unicorn, and finished off the last mission.  Man that was a long time coming. 

I had stopped playing for  a while due to other things taking priority, and working every hour I could get at two jobs.  Part of the problem was also that I went straight into Undead Nightmare after finishing the main game.  I was a little burned out and too tired.  But now it’s done, and I have to wait for the next thing Rockstar does.  I hope they release some more download content, but supposedly they aren’t.  The rumors are the next thing will be a full sequel.