Colorado, and Utah are joining the list of states moving toward permitless, or constitutional carry.

Tuesday in Colorado HB 1205, legalizing carry without a permit, gained preliminary approval in the state house of representatives. Now it faces a formal vote in the state house, and then goes to the state senate. I have not read anything about whether the governor is expected to sign or veto if it passes. Colorado residents would retain the option to apply for a permit for purposes of reciprocity, or if they were in doubt about their eligibility to carry legally.

Monday a Utah state house committee voted to apporve HB 129 which would allow carry without a permit. HB 129 now goes to the state house floor for consideration. If it passes there then the state senate will be next followed by the governor. I haven’t heard anything about the governor in Utah either. They will retain the very popular Utah permit for reciprocity purposes.

As I previously posted New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Wyoming are moving toward constitutional carry this year as well. That brings the total to 5 states moving toward liberty this year and 3 already there. And it’s only March. Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont already do not require a permit or license to carry. Alaska and Arizona retain a permit for reciprocity puposes. Hopefully by the end of the year more states will move in this direction.

The objections to constitutional carry are the same old tired and disproven tripe that we heard about licensed concealed carry, and open carry.  Every place that has moved toward more liberal carry laws has seen a decrease in crime, especially violent crime.  Criminals do not obey the law and will carry and use weapons regardless of what laws are in place.  Law abiding citizens, on the other hand, are hampered by restrictive carry and self defense laws.  Lossening those restrictions or eliminating them levels the playing field.