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Monday Mator Nutter, and police Chief Ramsey announced their support for a magazine ban in the wake of the Arizona shooting, and two days ahead of the anniversary of the attempted assassination of President Reagan. Of course the proposed ban would not apply to law enforcement, because they are more special than the rest of us.

Nevermind that the bill would ban STANDARD CAPACITY magazines. Nevermind that the police and government are not our betters. Nevermind that what a person wants to buy and own is none of anyone’s business. Nevermind that self defense and the tools to effect it are a basic human right.

Of course we would expect such crap from the heads of a city that can’t balance it’s budget, and an ineffective police force that has shown itself to be great at harrassing law abiding citizens but sucks at catching, prosecuting or locking up criminals. Philadelphia city council passes laws in clear violation of state law. Philadelphia police abuse people and get away with it. The police regularly enforce their opinions and ignore the law. In many neighborhoods the police are seen as a bigger threat than the criminals. T Shirts emblazoned with “Don’t Snitch” are sold on street corners.

I for one say fuck you. I won’t give up my magazines. I won’t stop carrying or open carrying. I’m in Philly at least once every couple of months. Sometimes it’s as frequent as twice a month. When I go to Philly I carry openly, as I always do. I have a 13 round magazine in my gun, as I always do. And I leave my PA LTCFs at home and carry on my Utah permit in compliance with state law, but in violation of Philly’s illegal ordinances. And I will continue to carry in this fashion in Philly. Fuck you Nutter! Fuck you Ramsey!

Yesterday was my first day off after and 8 night stretch between two jobs.  Actually it was my only day off.  Now I have 4 more nights before my next day off.  Oh, well, I have to take the shifts while they are available because most of April the agency didn’t have anything that matched my availability.

I’ve gotten back to playing Red Dead Redemtpion Undead Nightmare for about an hour or so each morning before bed.  I’ve been going for 100% completion, but I just couldn’t seem to finish up the last few tasks.  Yesterday morning I finally did.  I got the last horse of the apocalypse, killed the chupacabra, broke the unicorn, and finished off the last mission.  Man that was a long time coming. 

I had stopped playing for  a while due to other things taking priority, and working every hour I could get at two jobs.  Part of the problem was also that I went straight into Undead Nightmare after finishing the main game.  I was a little burned out and too tired.  But now it’s done, and I have to wait for the next thing Rockstar does.  I hope they release some more download content, but supposedly they aren’t.  The rumors are the next thing will be a full sequel.

On Monday, March 21st House Bill 271 passed the Montanna Senate Judiciary Committee. HB 271 would allow the concealed carry of handguns without a license or permit in cities. Two other pro gun bills were held in committee.

I’ve lost count of the states moving toward constitutional carry this year. I really wish i could say my two states, Texas and Pennsylvania, were among them. But I can’t. All I can say is Go Montanna! And all of the other states going in this direction. Hopefully once a few more states go constitutional carry Texas and Pennsylvania will follow suit.

Unfortunattely two other bills, one alowing the use of suppressors while hunting, and the other allowing carry in bars and other currently prohibited places were held in committee. I don’t know why people have such a problem with bars. There is no prohibition on bar carry in PA, and many other states and there are not any more problems here because of it. People need to get over it and lift all prohibitions on carry by law abiding citizens. Law abiding citizens don’t suddenly turn into craven lunatics because they have a gun.

On Thursday, March 24th an open carry bill easily passed The Florida House Judiciary Committee. Two democrats crossed party lines and voted for the bill. All of the Republicans voted for it. The two stand up democrats were John Julien of Miami and Darren Soto of Orlando. A person would still have to have a Florida or reciprocal license or permit to carry, but the bill would allow persons holding such a license or permit to carry unconcealed (like I do here in PA all the time).

Opposed to the measure were the usual suspects, and one wild card. The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, the Florida Sheriffs Association opposed the bill. Joining them were some large retailers and retail associations. Excuse me? Retailers, mind your own fucking business. Yes you have a right to prohibit things on your private property, but unless and until you are going to prohibit cell phones, and screaming kids, and people wearing pajamas keep your nose out of my holster. Take a page from Starbucks and all of the other retailers who have a policy of following state law. Or post signs and we will gladly spend our money elsewhere.

They trotted out the usual tired and long discredited bullshit about small conflicts becoming shootings, and pistol packing drunken partiers at large events. It was the typical blood will run in the streets nonsense. The same lines they used to oppose concealed carry back in the 80’s and 90’s. Of course when concealed carry was being enacted all over the country they made the same melodramatic predictions and none of it happened. And that’s the real give away here. Florida already has concealed carry. It requires a license or permit. A person would have to have that to open carry there under this bill. So any of those imaginary drunken partiers, or road ragers would already have a permit and a gun anyway. If this didn’t pass they would just have to conceal.

But in the 43 states that allow open carry we don’t see small conflicts becoming shootings. We don’t see drunken gunfights. We don’t see any more crime than in concealed only states. We see less crime than in the few states that still violate their citizens basic human rights. And they know that. Apparently the Florida House reps are more honest than the Sheriffs, and the state attorneys. Go figure.

And again, retailers, leave us alone. Call up any of the businesses I patronize and ask them if there have been any problems. Retailers, stay out of politics, my life, and my business.

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