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Both the NRA, and GOA announced Thursday that they are opposing Elena Kagan’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

According to reports in Washington Times, the New York Times, and CQ Politics, the NRA sent the US Senate Judiciary Committee a letter containing the following statement: “Unfortunately, Ms. Kagan’s record on the Second Amendment gives us no confidence that if confirmed to the Court, she will faithfully defend the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding Americans,”.

GOA counsel of record for Amicus briefs in both the McDonald vs Chicago and DC vs Heller cases, William J. Olson testified that Kagan is hostile to the Second Amendment, and also is a supporter of judicial supremacy. Judicial supremacy is the belief that your rights are whatever the courts have most recently ruled they are. This is in stark opposition to God Given Rights as believed in by the founding fathers where your rights are ordained by God and cannot be taken by anyone, and Natural Rights as believed in by many Libertarians and anarchists in which all human beings have certain rights naturally that cannot be taken away.

Both the NRA, and GOA will rate senators on their vote regarding Kagan, and encourage members and supporters to vote out of office any Senator who supports her confirmation.

Kagan’s confirmation will not change the makeup of the court since she is replacing a statist, but it won’t help us any either. If we are unlucky enough to lose a so called “conservative” justice during Obama’s tenure as President and he gets a majority statist court we will likely see both McDonald vs Chicago and DC vs Heller overturned.

HB 2536 vote cancelled again

For the fourth time the PA House Judiciary Committee has cancelled a vote on HB 2536, and HB 2600. No doubt they will bring them up again next week, or the week after.

While I personally think Corbett is as big a shit as Onorato, it is disgusting to me that Onorato is willing to risk eliminating due process and making Pennsylvanians guilty until proven innocent in order to fabricate something to bludgeon Corbett with in the November election.

Meanwhile HB 40 Castle Doctrine is still languishing in the PA House Appropriations Committee. Our opponents are hoping it will die there, and we will have to start over from scratch next year.

It’s up to all of us to make sure that doesn’t happen. And it is up to all of us to get out and vote in November for candidates that support our rights. FOAC produces an excellent voters guide that rates candidates on their support of your gun rights, regardless of their party affiliation. Vote for the person, not the party.

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