According to a IPS News story China’s strict gun control is not stopping violence. It is illegal to make, buy, sell, own, use, or transport a firearm or ammunition in China. Use a gun in a crime and you will likely be executed. Nerver the less, despite having totally banned guns, and ammo since 1966, violence is on the rise. Some perpetrators are freedom fighters from various nations and cultures oppressed by the Chinese. Others are people who snap and go after friends, family, co workers, or government officials (hey, there’s a thought). Still others are activists fighting for freedom within China itself.

But with such strict gun control where do these people even get a gun? They use weapons smuggled from rebellious client states, and conquered nations such as Tibet. They steal them from factories where security is lax. China is a major manufacturer and exporter of the very arms it denies it’s own people. And thank goodness, because no one makes a 75 round AK drum like the Chinese. I own two. Some of the desperate mass killers even make their own crude guns at home.

In many locations investigations have uncovered a close relationship between authorities and criminals. In these cases a criminals gun possession is overlooked, but an ordinary citizen will be locked up if caught with one (sounds like the plea deals so popular with U.S. prosecuters). And of course, even if they weren’t in bed with the government, criminals don’t obey laws anyway.

So there it is once again: gun control doesn’t work. It never has. It never will.