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Here is the comma delineated list again.

Will likely Vote against 2536 (which is what we want).,,,,,,,,,,,,,

May vote either way,,,,

Anti gun-will likely vote for Hb 2536,,,,

2536 Sponsors,

Email them all again and let them know (politely) that we will not stand for this shit. They need to stop bringing this crap up. Tell them to vote no on HB 2536 which restricts your rights with regards to non resident out of state licensing and forces you to suffer abuse from your issuing authority, and HB 2600 which makes nonsense changes to penalties for illegal sale or transfer, and HB 2570 which makes virtually anything you own into bomb making material.

This makes the 4th time HB 2536 has been brought up in the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee. 3 times before they have brought it up, and then pulled it due to public outcry. And now the real story comes out.

According to a report on PAFOA Onorato is pushing this as an attack on Corbett in the governors race. He will use it to say “Look, when Corbett was attorney general he let this ‘loophole’ continue!” The fact is that if you haven’t been convicted of anything then they have no business denying you any of your basic human, and constitutional rights. Onorato and Lentz will also be using this to appease the anti gun groups without coming right out and pissing us off.

In all of the examples Lentz continually cites he talks about arrests. Arrests, not convictions. ever been arrested for anything? I mean anything. How about 20 or 30 years ago when you were a teenager or in college? Philly denies your right to self defense based on that shit. They deny on parking tickets. Parking tickets! Parking tickets don’t even count against your driving record.

Meanwhile over in the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee our favorite pro self defense bill this year, HB 40 Castle Doctrine is still languishing.

They still aren’t listenning and/or they don’t care what we believe or even that we are watching them. And this despite yesterdays Supreme Court decision. Vote the bums out in November. Check how they voted, and vote out any candidate who didn’t listen to his constituents and did not support your rights. FOAC puts out an excellent voters guide for every election. Check it out before you vote.

Please hit the members of the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee again and tell them to vote NO on HB 2536. Then hit the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee and tell them that you want HB 40 Castle Doctrine brought up for a vote.

Today the US Supreme Court ruled in the landmark case McDonald Vs Chicago, that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S, Constitution is incorporated against the states (and smller municipalities). I have not finished reading the full decision yet. I will wait to comment in detail until I have read it all. At this time I will only say yes, this is a great victory for gun enthusiasts, and anyone who believes in liberty and the rights of individuals. But it is only the first step on a long road. Now every unconstitutional gun law must be challenged by individuals who have standing. They must be knocked down one at a time. This decision is the hammer, but we must swing it.

Bya ll means crack open the champagne, but remember we must rejoin the fight tomorrow.

For ongoing analysis and discussion visit some of the sites listed below. I post a more detailed analysis after I read the decision and it sinks in.
NRA-ILA report

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Snowflakes in Hell

The Road

Having seen the movie 3 times now, and being in my second reading of the book I thought it was a good time to talk about it. Especially since it is ostensibly a post apocalyptic story. But it’s not. It’s a human story.

In much the same way Richard Matheson’s famous story I Am Legend has been misunderstood and misinterpreted as a “zombie horror” or “survival horror” story, so too has Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road been misunderstood and misinterpreted as “survival horror”, “post apocalypse sci fi”, or “survival disasterbation”. It isn’t. It really isn’t.

It is the story of a father and a son, and what one will do for the other. It is a story about responsibility, and obligation, and the core of humanity that we cling to even if everything else is slipping away. It is a story about the lines we will and won’t cross to ensure our own survival. It is a story about how crossing the wrong lines will make us less than human.

McCarthy does a number of things not commonly found in the genres he is lumped into

  • He writes in a minimalist style, giving us very little information or background, just enough to understand what we need to understand.
  • He never tells us exactly what happened. This contributes to us focusing on the man and the boy, and their relationship to each other and the world instead of focusing on whatever particular disaster befell mankind.
  • He really starts the story about 10-12 years after the disaster. The boy is born shortly after the disaster, and we can only estimate his age at about 10 or 12 at the time of the story. This also keeps our minds off of what happened, and focuses our attention on the day to day struggle of the father and son to survive.
  • He only gives us 2 bullets. And then he uses 1. This is the state of the world, and the characters in the story. There aren’t resources to use. This keeps the focus on the day to day struggles of the father and son.
  • They never reach their destination. They never reach sanctuary. The story was not about survivors fighting their way to the last bastion of civilized humanity. This was a story about a father and son.

If you’re looking for zombie horror, survival horror, post apocalypse sci fi, or survival disasterbation this isn’t it. Rent some other movie. Buy some other book. But if you like Shakespeare, or Homer, or Virgil then by all means give The Road a try.

As reported by GOA the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed H.R. 5175 The Disclosure Act. They managed to exempt the sellout NRA, labor unions, and “community organizations” which includes leftist organizations but not pro gun organizations, except the sellout NRA. The legislation now heads to the US Senate where we will make every effort to kill it. Contact your senators and urge them to stop this travesty.

The left, democrats, and spineless republicans think that they can sneak in socialism or fascism one issue at a time. They know they can’t enact it all at once. But piece by piece they are coming after your rights to keep and bear arms, speak freely, associate freely, religious freedom, and anything else they think that they should dictate. Don’t let them.

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