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My carry map

One of the really cool features on Hand Gun Law dot US is a page that allows you to Build a custom carry map based on what licenses/permit you have.

I have 4. Two are Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms.  One of those is from Lehigh County where I used to live, and the other is from Lebanon county where I currently live.  I also have a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (non resident), and a New Hampshire Pistol/Revolver License (non resident). The map of states in which I can carry looks like this map of where I can carry

All the states I can carry a gun in


Of course it is incumbent on me to check into the laws of any state in which I am carrying and abide by those laws.  I plan to get 5 or 6 more licenses/permits as time and money allow.

Why do we have cops, anyway?

Recently my inlaws in Philly were the victems of a crime. During the night someone jacked up their car, stole the tires and rims, and left the car sitting on top of plastic soda crates. During the process the thieves apparently dropped the front end of the car directly on the ground.

So far the damage is up to several thousand dollars just for tires and rims. It was a newer model car with the tires that detect when they are low, and inflate and deflate themselves a little based on road conditions. The assessors have not even gotten to any body, or engine damage due to it being dropped.

My inlaws called the police who came and took a report. They informed my inlaws that 4 other cars in the area had suffered the same fate.  There were large handprints on each of the doors, and the thieves had handled the plastic soda crates, and lug nuts which they left at the scene.  The police refused to take any prints, claiming that anyone who walked by could have touched those things, and any prints would be thrown out as inadmissable by the courts.

Really?  Now I’m no detective, but I’m thinking that it’s unlikely anyone just walkng by would suddenly be possessed of a desire to touch plastic soda crates with a car sitting on them, lug nuts sitting in the street, and the doors of a jacked up car.  I’m also thinking that no one but the thieves and the police would visit all of the crime scenes.

So if they had lifted prints, and found some that matched between the doors, crates and lug nuts, and were present at 5 total crime scenes and didn’t belong to the cops themselves, then the thieves would be the only people they could belong to.  At that point running those prints against the NCIC would probably cough up a name, since the person or persons probably have a record.

But no, they took a report, filed it, and forgot about it.  Meanwhile my inlaws are out time, money, and inconvenience.  Yes, they have insurance.  But it’s still going to cost them.

For many years my inlaws and other neighbors tried to tell the cops about a couple of drug dealers living on the block.  For years the cops ignored it, and made excuses, and did nothing.  Then a couple of years ago one of the drug dealer’s houses caught fire due to faulty lighting in his basement grow operation.  2 firefighters were killed in that famous incident that was big news in Philly and PA.  No one in the lame stream media bothered to report that residents of the block had been telling the cops about the dealers for about a decade.

I know from personal experience as an open carrier that cops often try to enforce laws that don’t even exist.  They also like to try to quote laws that don’t exist.  They like to use the publics general fear of, and respect for the uniform to get compliance with what they want, though they are wrong.

We know that local municipalities try to violate state law with illegal gun laws.  Sometimes when confronted and called it they still try to continue.  We know sherrifs throughout the state disseminate incorrect information on gun laws which could get people in serious trouble if they follow what the sheriff said instead of the real law.

So cops aren’t enforcing the actual law, and are trying to make up law, and are trying to enforce laws that don’t exist, and are abusing their authority, and aren’t protecting the law abiding citizens or their property.

And you wonder why I’m an anarchist and carry a gun?  you wonder why open carriers say “Don’t talk to the police!”  You wonder why “Don’t Snitch!” t-shirts are big sellers in Philly?

Note to self:  keep an eye out for t-shirt vendors next time I’m in Philly.  A “Don’t Snitch!” t-shirt would be perfect to wear to an OC event.

We’re about 1 month away from the 2010 Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally in Harrisburg, PA.  The annnual rally of Pennsylvania gun owners began in 2006 to remind legislators that “Unconstitutional and ineffective feel-good gun control legislation has no place in this Commonwealth and we will not stand by idly and allow it to happen.”

This years speakers include 

  1. Suzanna Gratia Hupp who survived the 1991 Luby’s Massacre  The event drove her to run for office in my home state of Texas with the express purpose of getting a carry permit enacted.  Her gun was in her car when the tragedy happened and she got to watch her parents get murdered knowing that her chance to save them was out of reach in the parking lot.  I have long been an admirer and look forward to hearing her speak.  I suppose hoping to meet her would be too much.
  2. Wayne LaPierre who was for many years Executive Vice President of the NRA
  3.  Daryl Metcalfe, a Pennsylvania State Representative and a staunch ally of gun owners
  4.  Daniel Pehrson who founded and runs The Pennsylvania Firearms Owners AssociationPAFOA is one of my favorite internet forums, and the one that made me aware that open carry is legal in Pa.  It also spurred me to become active in the gun rights movement.  So I’m hoping to be able to meet Daniel.
  5.  Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America
  6.  Kim Stolfer, Chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime.  Another person I’m hoping to meet, Kim is one of the main people chasing legislators, finding out what is going on, and keeping the rest of us informed about good and bad legislation being proposed.
  7.  Peggy Tartaro, Executive Editor of Women & Guns
  8.  Marinelle Thompson, co founder of the Second Amendment Sisters

There will be a prize drawing, with the prizes so far being

  • A Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifle (Courtesy of Smith & Wesson with help from ACE Sporting Goods)
  • A Brownells Signature Series Leather Range Bag (Courtesy of Brownells)
  • A Brownells Signature Series Range Bag (Courtesy of Brownells)

Issues we hope to address with legislators this year include

  • The Castle Doctrine (House Bill 40)
  • Correcting Firearms Transport Laws (House Bill 750)
  • Punishing Municipalities for Preemption Violation (House Bill 1541)

The rally will take place on April 27th, 2010 at 10:00 AM in the Rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building. Information, directions, maps, links to carpooling threads on PAFOA, and registration can all be found at

I’ll be there carrying openly, as I always do.

In the news the past day or two has been an island in the Bay of Bengal that has disappeared beneath the waves.  Nobody noticed initially until an Indian environmentalist trumpeted it as an alarm about rising sea levels and global warming.  At that point the lame stream media picked it up and ran with it, as usual, without bothering to check the facts.

The island is disputed territory being claimed by both India, and Bangladesh.  It is called New Moore or Purbasha by the Indians, and South Talpatti by the Bangladeshis.  It is part of the Sunderban Islands, and was charted as a reef until 1954 when passing sailors noticed it had peaked above the surface.

As mentioned, it is located in the shallow Bay of Bengal, an area in which water levels fluctuate on a seasonal, and annual basis regardless of hype about global warming.  The islands official existence was confirmed by American sattelites in 1974.  It was officially mapped in 1985 and it’s particulars were listed as follows:


  1. 9-10 Square Kilometers total area at low tide
  2. 3-3.5 kilometers long by 3 kilometers wide at low tide
  3. 2 meters maximum elevation above sea level at low tide
  4. At high tide the islands area shrunk to approximately 2.5 square kilometers with a maximum elevation of 1.5 meters above sea level

As if being in a shallow bay area wasn’t enough the island had the gall to be located in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta, a combined delta of four major and several minor rivers.  An area in which the “sea” level fluctuates regularly dependent on river conditions.  It is located directly in the mid outfllow channel line of the Hariabhanga river which marks the boundary between India and Bangladesh.  The two countries claim the mid channel to be on different sides of the island justifying their claims to it, but scientific data suggests the mid channel probably drifts back and forth a bit over time, as most river outflow channels do.

The final piece of relevent information is that rainfall in the regions feeding the rivers, and in the Bay of Bengal area in general, has increased this year.  That wouldn’t lead to an increase in water levels, now, would it?

I’m quite suprised that after all the uproar last year over leaked evidence of studies skewed and falsified by the green crowd, that the lame stream media still isn’t checking their facts and still is trying to spin so blatantly.

Now, I’m not saying that sea levels are or aren’t rising, or that the globe is or isn’t warming, or that humans are or aren’t the cause.  All I’m saying is check your facts, and stop spinning everything to support a political agenda.

My sources?  I’m not going to provide them.  I’ll leave it to anyone interested to research it for themselves, which we should all be doing for everything anyway.  What’s the old saying?  Don’t believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

In the news today on all the channels is a story about a woman in New York who shot her neighbor in an ongoing dispute.  What does this demonstrate?  That gun control doesn’t work.

New York state already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.  They also don’t have state preemption which means that local municipalities can make their own gun laws on top of what the state makes.  New York City has lead the state in this with some of the most restrictive laws in the nation.  New York City is only slightly less restrctive than Chicago, New Jersey, and Washington DC. 

The main difference is that in NYC (and New Jersey)it is still technically legally possible on paper to legally buy, own, and carry a gun.  The practical truth is that is really impossible unless you are rich, famous, or close to the mayor or police chief.  Frequently you need to be all 3.  Montel Williams can legally carry a gun in New York, but Glenn Beck and Plaxico Burress aren’t allowed.  If you aren’t rich, AND famous, AND close to the mayor AND police chief then you’re shit out of luck on self defense.  And if you shoot yourself in the ass they will lock you up, as if making the national news by shooting yourself in the ass isn’t punishment enough.

Despite these severe limitations the shooter, a nominally law abiding woman up to this point, was able to buy, own, and carry a gun.  Clearly she did not do this legally.  Even if she was rich AND famous AND a friend of the mayor AND police chief she still would have had to wait (can’t remember if it’s 7 or 14 days in NYC) and fill out reams of paperwork, and pay tons of money, and wait a little longer, and make multiple trips to the police department for repeated authorizations and approvals.  She didn’t do all of this.  

All of those laws restricting people from buying, owning, and carrying guns didn’t work.  Laws only affect the law abiding.  People who don’t want to break the law are restricted, but once someone decides to ignore the law there is ntohing to stop them.  And there never can be.  Why?

Criminals don’t obey the law.  CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAW! No matter what laws you enact, or what restrictions you impose it comes down to one simple thing.  The people who obey the law and most need to protect themselves will be prohibited, while the people who ignore the law and  prey on others will be free to do as they please.

The only logical solution, the only democratic solution, the only human rights solution, the only pro liberty solution would be to eliminate all gun laws.  Let everyone buy, own, and carry without restriction, regulation, approval, background checks, or licensing.  Let them carry concealed or openly as they prefer.  Then hold people accountable for their actions.  Hold people accountable for their actions.  What a novel idea.

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