Another unknown sprout near the Italian Parsley

Another unknown sprout

Muhuhahaha, it’s alive, my little creatures are alive!  And soon they will conquer the world!  Ahem.  Excuse me.  Sorry.  We have another unknown sprout near the Italian Parsley.  That box is going to get crowded if they all survive.

Broccoli Bonanza is our first contestant

Broccoli Bonanza out in the lead

And from the commercial seed starter we have the first contestant for this year……………………………Burpee Broccoli Bonanza.  Of course it has a long way to go, but the seed has openned and it is off.  It’s amazing how fast this happened.  We only started it the day before yesterday. 

The first seed starts to sprout. Broccoli Bonanza

Broccoli Bonanza sprouting

Sorry about the blurry photos.  It’s hard to take a good super close up of something so small.  Hopefully in a few months my wife will have some tasty Broccoli to enjoy.

Mr. Stripey coming back to life

It lives!

Despite my attempts to do it in by giving it more space, more soil, and better drainage (evil bastard that I am) the Mr. Stripey Heirloom Tomato has developed a second stem and some good new leaf growth.  It only has to wait a month or two and it will get to go in the ground.

Mr. Stripey close up from the other side

Mr. Stripey looking good

We had great success last year with our 2 Mr. Stripeys.  In fact they overgrew the tomato cage and vined out of our little section of garden into uncharted and unclaimed territory.  This year we’ll try to keep a little better control of them. 

The great thing about heirloom vegetables is that you can save the seeds, as opposed to hybrids which won’t produce the same plant from year to year.  This one sprouted from a seed I was saving at the end of last year.  I still have a bag full of it’s little brothers and sisters which we’ll probably start soon.