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MERP Outlaw 8/14/2011 Part 1

Haven’t gotten part 2 written up yet, and we have another game this Sunday. But here is part 1.

The party interrogates the captured rustlers. Most of them tell them nothing. Some make threats. Some insult the PCs. 1 breaks. His name is Sam. He tells the party that the leader of this band of rustlers was named Phil, and he reported to a man named Aurelio. When they had a couple hundred head of cattle they would drive them out to a prearranged meeting place where Aurelio and his men would be waiting. Aurelio’s men would all have bandanas over their faces. The cattle would be handed off and Aurelio’s men would drive them away with no real contact between the groups.

At these meetings Aurelio would pay Phil for the last batch of cattle. Phil would split the money with his men, and they would break up for a couple of days to have fun, drink, whore, etc before meeting back at the box canyon to resume rustling. But they had not made a delivery in a while because Aurelio had gotten another job working for some kind of “agent”. They have built up almost 500 cattle belonging to 6 or 7 different area ranchers. The remaining rustlers make it clear that they will kill Sam at the first oppurtunity.

Charlie guards the prisoners enthusiasticly looking for any excuse to shoot them. Bob has been his friend for a long time, and he is not happy about Bob being in mortal danger. The doctor stays by Bob’s side. The rest of the party explores the buildings in the canyon. They find a few wanted posters for some of the rustlers. Bob develops a fever. The old prospector makes up a bunch of food for everyone, but Emma and Hanna are suspicious and do not eat. Charlie also does not eat. Bob is unconcious and cannot eat.

The PCs decide to board up building 1 to use as makeshift jail. Sam is made to promise that he will not try to escape, and is allowed to stay out so he won’t be killed. Charlie places a chair in the middle of the open are facing the door to building 1 and sits there with his Henry rifle on his lap. Bodies are piled in building 3 and dusted with something to keep them from gettin too nasty.

Bob’s fever breaks. The party takes a look at the mine. It has two large metal doors hinged into the rock. They won’t open. Owen kicks the doors as hard as he can and breaks his foot. The doctor fixes him up.

The party has a problem. They have 12 captives, 18 bodies, +/- 500 cattle that need to go 6 or 7 different places, a bunch of horses, a ton of guns and gear, a seriously wounded man who cannot be moved, a crazy miner, and 3 possible places to take this 3 ring circus. Hope, and Fort Hope are closer than Juan’s place. Juan is paying in $50 gold pieces. The civil authorities in Hope will redeem the bounties, but probably not help with the transport. The party has 4 people to pull this off, and do not want to leave the doctor and an unconcious Bob alone with the miner. The bodies are gettign ripe.

Owen comes up with a plan. He and Emma will ride to Fort Hope and get the army. That will give them enough people and guns to pull off the transport. Juan can come to the Fort to confirm that they have done their job and get his cattle. The other ranchers can come to Fort Hope to get their cattle. Owen and Emma leave immediatly and ride as fast as they can.

They camp shortly after dark somewhere on the plains. Owen doesn’t feel particularly well. He is tired and slightly nauseous. Back in the canyon Patrick is also tired and nauseous. He vomits, and feels very light headed. He manages to call for the doctor before passing out. The doctor comes running with her rifle and finds him on the ground. Charlie runs up and tells her half of the prisoners are dead. A shot rings out and Charlie falls to the ground unconcious.

Hanna sees the miner dancing madly in the moonlight and chanting “I shot the Chinaman!” and shouting about his gold over and over again. Hanna opens fire on him, raining death on bushes, rocks, the ground, the canyon walls, the sky, and trees that did not move fast enough. The miner returns fire. Hanna is wounded in the arm. Patrick and Charlie fight to regain conciousness. Charlie manages to rouse himself enough to get a shot off at the miner from between Hannas legs before lapsing into unconciousness again. Hanna jumps, and pees. The miner contiues firing at her, and one of his Colt Patterson revolvers explodes in his hand. “Which was failing common to that model.” (Name the movie that quote is from for extra points).

Hanna wounds the miner again, and he runs off toward the stable shouting about “The muskets are on Old Bessie!” He collapses from his wounds before he gets to Old Bessie. Hanna leaves the miner to bleed and begins work on Charlie and Patrick. Charlie is easy, but he will remain unconcious for a while. Patrick takes a little more work. She concludes that he has been poisoned. Analyzing Patrick’s symptoms she concludes that it is a poison made form local plants. The miner must have poisoned the food he made earlier. She sets about concocting an antidote.

Hanna administers the antidote to Patrick, but remembers that Owen also ate the food. She grabs a horse and rides madly out alone into the Kansas night getting herself thoroughly lost in the wilderness. After riding headlong through the darkness for a few hours with no idea where she is or where she is going the doctor suddenly finds herself surrounded by Native Americans. One grabs her reins and slows her horse. He speaks a little English. He introduces himself as Crazy Coyote, and his friends are Cross Otter (Name the movie with a Native American named Cross Otter for extra points), and Little Pony who she has met before. They guide her to her friends.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Owen really hasn’t felt good for a while. He’s been queesy and nauseous for hours. He finally succumbs and starts vomitting just before the doctor arrives. That inspires a round of reciprocal vommiting from Emma. The doctor arrives and administers the antidote. Owen, and Patrick will sleep through the night, but should survive.

MERP Outlaw Game 08/07/2011

The party is in the midst of a mostly destroyed circled wagon train. The remaining Comanches have ridden off. Assessing the situation they find 3 surviving but unconcious indians. The wagon train survivors are 2 unharmed women, 5 wounded men, 3 wounded women, 11 children, and a bunch of bodies. Dr. Wright has been shot in the leg and is unconcious. Horses and livestock are scattered and wandering off. There were originally about 10 wagons.

Discussing what to do with the captured Comanches, Patrick suggests extracting a promise not to raid anymore in Kansas. Bob, and Patrick speak some Osage, and so does one of the Comanches. His name is Little Pony. After he and his companions promise not to do any more raiding they are allowed to collect the bodies of his brothers Fast Pony and Slow Pony, and leave with their gear and horses. Patrick is taught the sign of the Comanche so that he can inform any Comanches he meets in the future that he is a friend. (bonus for thinking of a unique way to handle the situation, good roleplaying)

Brother Griffin has already done basic first aid for the Doctor. The party decides to wait to until the Doctor regains conciousness and let her assess herself. Emma and Charlie begin tending the rest of the wounded as best they can.

The livestock represents a sizeable portion of the survivors resources. Without them they will be starting off with nothing. Bob has experience working cattle, and takes Patrick with him to gather the scattered animals. Owen begins gathering bodies and gear laying around. Then he sets to work repairing wagons. One of the surviving women helpfully stands behind him telling him what he is doing wrong, and how he should be doing it. (nice division of labor based on abilities)

That night, after everyone has returned to camp the doctor regains conciousness. She assesses herself, and extracts the bullet from her own leg, then passes out. Bob sets it, and Emma and Charlie bandage her up with a splint.

The surviving women are getting back into routine and serve up a hearty breakfast. Bob and Patrick resume rounding up of animals. Bob recruits the kids to help with chickens, goats, and smaller animals that haven’t gone far. Patrick is having some trouble herding, but Bob is determined to teach him an honest trade.

Owen, Emma, and Charlie work on fixing wagons with the continued supervision from the female director of operations. Once they are finished gathering livestock Bob and Patrick help with fixing wagons. They get 5 wagons in more or less operational shape. Then everyone loads as much of the survivors remaining posessions as possible on the wagons.

The old prospector they met a couple of days earlier turns up, and is invited to dinner. The women have prepared a big pot of pork and beans. The party picks the prospector’s brain about the box canyon in which the rustlers are hold up. He informs the party that the box canyon was his partner’s and his legal claim. They were panning the streams trying to follow the gold dust to it’s source and decided to look into the old guano mine at the back of the canyon. They found a vein of gold deep in the mine, and decided to claim the canyon. He was in Hope filing the claim and returned to find the canyon full of hostile men with guns. His partner has not been seen since. He knows of two alternative routes in and will gladly guide the party. He also tells them that there are about 30 rustlers hold up there, and they are committing suicide by trying to take them with 6 people, 2 of whom are women. The old prospector sketches a map of the canyon in the dirt. (good job gathering information they failed to during the first prospector encounter)

Another wagon train wanders by in the dark. Patrick and Charlie scout it and make contact. They learn that the wagon train is full of totally lost greenhorns and tenderfeet. They were expecting to arrive at Fort Hope 2 days ago. Apparently they missed it. This solves the problem of the PCs having to escort the survivors to Hope (in the opposite direction) and then return to the box canyon.

After a belt busting farewell breakfast the combined wagon trains head for Hope under the leadership of the nagging woman. Bob sends along 8 Indian horses that the rest of the party does not want. They are to be left at the livery until he can collect them. He also sends along some money to pay for the boarding of the horses, and a note explaining to the livery operator to take care of the horses until Bob shows up to get them.

Patrick spots his new friends watching, and rides out to meet the Comanches. They assure him that they will keep an eye on the wagon train until it gets to Hope. They don’t want to get blamed for any other natives attacking it.

The party heads off for the box canyon with the old prospector in the lead. They pass herds heading to Hope, and wild horses and cattle wandering the plains. They make camp before dark, and continue discussing things with the old prospector. It bothers several party members that he keeps referring to his “late partner”. The party doesn’t think they can assume his partner was killed by the rustlers. After they point this out he says “late partner” at every opportunity.

The party continues toward the box canyon intending to go around and approach it from the plains above. The old prospector has informed them of a back way into the canyon complex and of a natural stone ladder at the rear of the canyon branch the rustlers are in. They arrive just after dark and discuss whether to make their move at dawn or during the night.

After an assesment of climbing ability they decide to have Bob, Charlie, and Owen climb down the natural ladder (9) at the rear of the canyon branch behind the old mine (7) and hide. Meanwhile Patrick, Emma, Hanna, and the old prospector will go through the back way into the canyon complex, eliminate any sentries, and come in from the front of the anyon branch. The signal to commence the attack will be shots from the front group.

The groups set off to their respective goals. The climb down is not easy, but despite some small rock showers and near slips the trio makes it and takes cover behind a large bush. The can see 2 corrals by the small lake. The mine entrance (7) is a wood roofed patio type area covering 2 large metal doors in the side of the canyon wall. A building (6) is between the canyon wall and the corrals just beyond the mine entrance. Beyond that some distance is a small grouping of old buildings in sort of a semi cirlcle (1-5). They are being used as bunkhouses and stuff by the rustlers. Light comes from the windows of all of the buildings, and a fire built in open area in the middle of the sort of circle.

The other group begins circling around and heads down into the canyon by the back way. The old prospector calls a halt and informs them that this is as far as they shold go with the horses because there may be sentries ahead. Patrick and Emma dismount and begin sneaking up the canyon back door branch of the canyon watching for sentries. Hanna and the old prospector stay with the horses. Patrick and Emma are sneaking from rock to rock, and doing a good job.

Back in the outlaw occupied branch a man emerges from the first building (6) just past the mine entrance. He is holding a cup of coffee. Owen tries to sneak up closer but trips and falls. The man turns and draws his gun shouting a warning to the other rustlers that echoes through the canyon. Charlie shoots the rustler boss in the head. Bob charges forward shooting and shouting toward the other buildings which rustlers are now running out of with torches and lanterns.

The air fills with lead. Bobs gets a couple of them but then he goes down, shot in the stomach, arm, and neck. Charlie reloads slickly and shoots another rustler. Owen gets up and shoots at rustlers as he charges to Bob. It’s bad, but he tries to staunch the bleeding as best he can. The rustlers continue firing, grazing Owen. He fires back while trying to slow Bob’s bleeding. Charlie switches from his Sharps to a repeater and begins cranking off rounds at an amazing rate and with suprising accuracy. Ruslters jump behind buildings and dive for cover. Owen keeps telling the unconscious Bob that they are going to buy Charlie all kinds of stuff.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the canyon complex it sounds like the 4th of July as rapid gun shot sounds echo around. Unbeknownst to the PCs, the sentries abandon their posts and head back to the camp to find out what the hell is going on. Patrick and Emma continue sneaking up, not knowing that the sentries are gone.

Rustlers fire at the first trio from behind whatever they found to act as a shield, and Charlie keeps cranking out shots. Owen gets the bright idea to yell that it is the Cavalry, and then order the rustlers to surrender. Charlie punctuates this with more shooting and about 3/4 of the remaining rustlers run away, under the impression that the army is there and has a Gatling gun. Charlie and Owen continue trading shots with the braver rustlers until only 2 are left. Finally they surrender. Charlie has fired 12 of the 16 rounds in his Henry plus the 2 from the Sharps.

Out in the canyon Patrick and Emma give up on sneaking and haul ass in the direction of the rustlers branch of the canyon. At a small stream they see a bunch of men running toward them with torches and lanterns. Patrick and Emma hide. As the men approach Charlie and Emma open fire with repeating rifles. The survivors of this barrage surrender. They quickly tie the prisoners hands and feet and then head to the rustler branch of the canyon. Owen has left Charlie to tend Bob while he secures the wounded and surrendered rustlers there.

Patrick runs back to get the doctor and prospector, the prisoners are retrieved, and the group begins gathering up the bodies and gear. The doctor has them haul Bob into the 1st building and gets to work. She had read some books from France on the newly emerging field of surgery, and is a fan of Dr. Lister’s work on germs. Working almost all night she is able to stop the bleeding, and suture a major vein. Charlie passes out during the operation and has to be hauled out into the fresh air by Owen. As the sun rises Bob is still alive, barely. Only time will tell if he will live. He’s lost a lot of blood, and is still unconscious. Despite the doctors best efforts he may still succumb to shock or infection. They won’t be able to move him for a while.

Out of 30 rustlers 12 were captured alive. Bob, Patrick and Owen each killed 2, and Charlie killed 12. The dead include those who died of their wounds while the doctor was working on Bob.

I think, in addition to regular experience, I’m going to start giving out a few skill ranks based on what characters did during the adventure.

MERP Outlaw Logs

New PBEM Game

I’m always hoping to do roleplaying. But what was easy in my youth is nearly impossible for an adult with a wife and a job in healthcare. I joined another Play By E mail (PBEM) roleplaying game in May. It’s run by a friend of mine. I’ve been in a western PBEM with him for years, and still try to get in a face to face game with my local group when I can. But with real life and a chaotic work schedule the face to face games are only doable once every few months.

The new PBEM game is based on a friends alternate interpretation of the Star Wars genre. Sort of Star Wars crossed with an age of sail type of setting. The charactyers are drawn from any time and setting, and awake in this alternate Star Wars universe. So far it’s going pretty good.

MERP Outlaw Game 4/17/11

The party passes out the repeating rifles, and metallic cartridge handguns (after more prodding from the GM).  They head out early towards the box canyon where the remaining rustlers are hiding.  Patrick takes point and totally fails to notice anything.  They ride for a long time without seeing anything other than small rolling hills.  Charlie joins him, and notices wagon tracks going in the same general direction the party is traveling in.  Charlie also notices that a large number of horse tracks cross the wagon tracks.  Then a bit further on they cross again from the other direction.  And then again.  And again.
Patrick suggests they break off and follow the other set of tracks.  The rest of the party continues on.  Patrick and Charlie discover that the horse tracks are making a sort of wave pattern.  They go about a quarter to a half mile from the wagon tracks and then turn back.  They cross the wagon tracks and do the same thing on the other side.  They estimate at least 10 horses based on the tracks and possibly as many as 20.  On one of the east loops they find a silver conch with a feather stuck through it.  On one of the west loops they find the partially eaten remains of some jerky of some kind.  They conclude it must be the Comanche’s they have heard are in the area. 
After rejoining the main group they discuss this, and decide to proceed at a casual pace so they don’t inadvertently catch up to the Indians.  They are hoping the wagons will turn off, and the Comanche’s will follow.  They don’t appear to understand the implications of what will happen if the Comanche’s catch the wagons.  The party encounters a grizzled old prospector leading a burro loaded with gear.  They greet him, and learn that he was investigating a played out old mine in a box canyon, but he was run off by some very rough men who have taken up residence there.  The party continues a bit further and then camps for the night.
Owen takes first watch.  Everyone is awakened by a runaway buggy bursting into camp.  Owen grabs the horse and gets it stopped.  It’s brother Griffin (No shit, I got preacher on the encounter roll.  Starting to regret putting that on the encounter table).  He was returning from a service call when his horse got spooked and ran off pulling him and the buggy along.  The brother camps with the party for the night.  Patrick takes his watch shift.  After a while he notices that something looks different off in the distance, but he can’t tell what (Sunshine was blowing all her rolls for Patrick’s perception and tracking last night).  Patrick wakes Charlie who looks and tells him something is burning in the far distance.
They wake everyone and the party decides to break camp in the middle of the night and go see what is burning.  They ride all night.  It’s slow going in the dark.  No one wants to come up lame.  As morning approaches they begin to encounter scattered livestock.  Just after first light they come upon the remains of the wagon train.  The wagons are circled, and are very torn up and sprouting arrows.  Many of them are burned.  Someone shouts “They’re back!”  and a shot rings out, but falls far short of the party.  Owen hollers back “We’re here to help!”  and the party rides down and enters the circle.  Several women and about a dozen children are unharmed, several men and women are alive but wounded.  A lot of people are dead.  Dr. Wright sets about tending to the wounded, and a women throws herself on Owen “Thank God!  Soldiers are here to save us!”  Owen peels her off, and is about to say something when someone shouts “They’re back!” again.
Up on a low hill there is line of men on horseback.  About 21.  Patrick shouts an insult, and one of the Comanche’s shouts one back.  The party scrambles to lay out their weapons and make hasty plans.  They are still far enough away to be out of rifle range.  Once the Comanche’s advance they will come into range for the long range rifles, and then a couple of rounds later they will be in range for the repeaters.  The party lays out their weapons accordingly.  One of the surviving women begins firing a handgun at the Comanche’s who are well out of range.  Brother Griffin goes to corral her.
The Comanche’s begin their charge. 
The party opens fire, and get a couple of hits.  They reload rapidly and continue firing.  They drop a couple of the Comanche’s.  Then the party switches to repeaters as the advancing Indians come into range.  Dr. Wright has ignored all of this and continues to treat the wounded.  The repeaters get 4 shots per round, with an increasing penalty for subsequent shots.  The party puts up a withering barrage of lead, and through a combination of skill and luck they begin to wear down the Comanche’s.  The Comanche’s fire back as they continue their charge hitting some of the wagon survivors.  Two of them appear to be pointing (not shooting) at Emma.  The patient Dr. Wright has just patched up takes a shot to the shoulder.  A couple of people on both sides bang fingers in rifle levers.  The firing continues from both sides.
The Comanche’s reach the wagon train, and two of them (including one of Emma’s suitors) jump their horses over the party into the circle.  As they charge toward Emma she works the lever like John Wayne gunning down one, and wounding the other.  Bob turns and finishes him off.
Two Comanche’s jump from their horses onto the wagon the party is using for cover.  One slashes Bob, but it’s not bad.  The other slashes at Owen and misses. 
The rest of the Comanche’s have turned right or left and are riding around the circled wagons firing into the circle.  Dr. Wright is hit in the leg and goes down.  One of the surviving women is shot and collapses in Brother Griffin’s arms.  Owen, Patrick and Charlie shoot down one of the Comanche’s on the wagon, and the other drops his tomahawk on his foot.  They finish him off like Bonnie and Clyde. 
The rest of the Comanche’s have come together on the other side of the circle.  They do a quick assessment, decide discretion is the better part of valor, and ride away.  The party rushes to the Dr.  Brother Griffin stops the bleeding, but the bone is broken and the Dr is unconscious.  The party decides to wait for her to regain consciousness so she can instruct them on what to do for her leg.  They clean and bandage the wound, and then begin to assess the general situation.
We broke for the night.

Yesterday was my first day off after and 8 night stretch between two jobs.  Actually it was my only day off.  Now I have 4 more nights before my next day off.  Oh, well, I have to take the shifts while they are available because most of April the agency didn’t have anything that matched my availability.

I’ve gotten back to playing Red Dead Redemtpion Undead Nightmare for about an hour or so each morning before bed.  I’ve been going for 100% completion, but I just couldn’t seem to finish up the last few tasks.  Yesterday morning I finally did.  I got the last horse of the apocalypse, killed the chupacabra, broke the unicorn, and finished off the last mission.  Man that was a long time coming. 

I had stopped playing for  a while due to other things taking priority, and working every hour I could get at two jobs.  Part of the problem was also that I went straight into Undead Nightmare after finishing the main game.  I was a little burned out and too tired.  But now it’s done, and I have to wait for the next thing Rockstar does.  I hope they release some more download content, but supposedly they aren’t.  The rumors are the next thing will be a full sequel.

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